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Stay the Same

Think it’s safer to paint your ceiling in a color different from your walls, or juxtapose dark flooring against a lighter wall? Not so much. In a neutral space, eliminating the horizon line that occurs when darker colors meet lighter ones creates a “blank canvas” effect where all other pieces in the composition—from furniture to fixtures, architectural details, fabrics, and accessories—stand out. The effect can be magnified in smaller rooms, which get an optical boost in height and width from the lack of defined lines.

In this space, untreated plaster walls meet trim painted a similar, light stone color. Even the window sheers stay within the same palette, adding texture without distracting the eye. Set against this backdrop, unusual pieces like the inlaid wood screen, spherical lamp, and leopard-print throw immediately take center stage. We also adore the pale-slipcovered furniture punctuated with fun prints—and an unexpectedly rich gold hue that plays off the yellow undertone of the walls.

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