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We’re pretty sure that a lot of you, like us, look forward to going home every night to the full-on body wags, sloppy kisses, and happy-go-lucky companionship of our dogs. And since we never tire of the ecstatic expressions on their furry faces when we give them a new treat or toy, we did our own little dance of joy when we discovered BarkBox, a New York City–based subscription service that delivers, right to our front doors, gift boxes of premium canine goodies.

Founded by Henrik Werdelin, Matt Meeker, and Carly Strife—all dedicated owners of rescue dogs—BarkBox is about as simple as it gets. Just click over to the BarkBox page, fill out a quick survey about your dog, and choose a subscription (one, three, or six months; the latter is the best deal at $17). Then sit back and wait for your box, which will contain four to eight hand-selected products, from bones and gourmet treats to shampoos, biodegradable waste bags, collars, food samples, nutritional supplements, bully sticks, and toys. The first delivery also contains a gift for dog’s best friend: a cute BarkBox T-shirt. Dig to the bottom and you’ll find information on all the items in the box (great for replenishing supplies of your pup’s favorites), and occasional promo codes for product discounts.

Because the people at BarkBox are beyond cool, they also donate 10% of each purchase to a local shelter or rescue. (You can suggest shelters to add to their roster by e-mailing donations@barkbox.com). Have other crazy dog lovers in your life? Give a gift subscription, and you’ll rewarded with undying love. (Well, at least from the dog.)

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