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So You Want to Be a Design Blogger . . .

. . .  And if you’ve talked to friends and other bloggers about it, you’ve probably heard a variety of discouraging comments like: “There are so many design blogs out there already.” Or “It doesn’t pay well.” Or our personal favorite, “Why?”

To which we answer . . . “Why not? Go for it!” After all, no one ever accused the world of having too much creativity, and as Annie often says, inspiration is everywhere. So why not share a bit of yours?

That’s why we adore the Alt blog, brought to you by the unfairly talented gray matter behind the Altitude Summit (aka, Alt Summit), the annual conference for people who can’t get enough of food, fashion, design, and lifestyle blogs and social media. The approach is equal parts practical and inspirational, and we find ourselves eagerly awaiting tasty morsels of both in “The Process,” a Q&A with some of the most inventive people in the biz, like Bri Emery of designlovefest and Will “Beige is Boring” Taylor of Bright Bazaar. In Will’s Q&A, for example, not only do we get some tips on successful design blogging (commit to a regular posting schedule, develop a unique voice, take chances on new opportunities), but we learn how he recharges his creative batteries and what he does when he unplugs—all valuable insight into translating your passion for design into an online community experience.

So come on it; the water’s fine. And for more blogging inspiration and business advice, check out the new Alt blog.

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