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Simple Last-Minute Recipes for Your Fourth of July Party

Guests are on the way for your July 4 shindig, and with all the cleaning, decorating, and yard and porch prep, you barely have time to say “stars and stripes forever,” let alone assemble a table full of elaborate dishes. First, take a deep breath and pour yourself a big glass of wine—because it’s never too early to get the party started. Then scroll down for a bunch of incredibly simple yet memorable recipes that you and your family or helper friends can toss together with a handful of ingredients and minimal time in the kitchen.


Hummus. Olives. Feta. Olive oil and simple seasonings. Spread and sprinkle them over toasted baguette slices, and you have a Hummus Crostini Appetizer that’s a whole lot more interesting than a tray of cheese and crackers.




Does it get any simpler than a mango, a pepper, a chicken breast, and some greens? This zippy Mango Chicken Salad says not.




A sesame-peanut Soba Noodle Salad recipe so flavorful, you’ll be fielding “Can you e-mail me the recipe?” requests all day.


soba noodles recipe 6


The addition of couscous makes these Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables a hearty entrée, or serve them alone to complement meat or fish recipes.


grilled mediterranean vegetables recipe real simple


Wash down all that savory goodness with this Sparkling White Peach Sangria¿Como se dice yum en español?


Sparkling White Peach sangria the Kitchn


It doesn’t have to be cold outside for us to enjoy hot chocolate. Case in point: these easy, all-ages-pleasing Hot Chocolate Cupcakes.


Hot Chocolate Cupcakes recipe


Because kids shouldn’t have all the fun, we’re making this red, white, and blue dessert recipe for Berries with Tequila Cream.


Berries with Tequila Cream Southern Living


Don’t forget the pets. They’ll be head over paws for this Peanut Butter Turkey Bacon Birthday Cake.



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