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Silver Fox: Annie’s Metallic-Accented Dining Room


Annie is known for her fearless take on color, but when it came to decorating her new house, she knew she wanted an easygoing, pared-down approach that put the emphasis on some truly special heirlooms, antiques, and modern decor. In the dining room, this meant creating a sleek neutral backdrop that allows a showstopping granite dining table, a crystal chandelier, and a mix of vintage and contemporary wall art do the talking.

Although Annie spent weeks agonizing over just the right wall color for the house (think we’re kidding? She documented the process here) she ultimately chose a light warm grey custom-mixed from several Benjamin Moore colors. The pale walls and blond maple floors, along with tall windows and sliding-glass doors that lead out to a screened porch, help to keep the room’s ambience light and airy. She opted for a low-profile, woven wool rug in ivory and grey tones, which provides a bit of textural contrast with the smooth wood floors and that visually elongates the space. This effect is similarly achieved vertically by the exquisite ceiling-to-floor curtains of woven aluminum and natural linen by Ralph Lauren Home.



On top of the rug, Annie set her dining table—custom crafted from a vintage Knoll base and topped with a slab of local Vermont granite—and surrounded it with Vanguard armless chairs upholstered in a sophisticated metallic silver. This dreamy, shimmery tone is picked up in the hardware on the interior doors; the midcentury modern mirrored artwork by C. Jeré, purchased from Porter & Plunk, on the far wall; and the trunk of the willow tree in the triptych along the main wall. That triptych—made from vintage hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper—might look familiar if you’ve been following Annie’s style for a while; it’s been with her for decades, originally as wallpaper on her living room walls, and then as artwork in her previous home’s master bedroom. Also making the jump from bedroom to dining room décor are the miniature landscape painting on the far right wall and the midcentury French crystal chandelier, also from Porter & Plunk, and a study in understated glam.


Annie loves that her new dining room is spacious enough to accommodate a larger crowd while still providing an intimate feeling for two or for small groups. She also likes that the metallic pieces, reflective crystal chandelier, and large-scale artwork play with proportion and keep the eye moving around the room. Perhaps best of all, the neutral color palette means that she can easily switch up her dining room décor with accents like decorative pillowstable linens, candleholders, and tabletop centerpieces in virtually any color, making the space a seasonal decorating dream.

Stay tuned for even more exclusive reveals of Annie’s home renovation.

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Ramona November 18, 2014 at 3:32 pm

This is a stunning room – it sparkles!


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