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Serengeti Style

Baby, it’s a wild world when animal prints take center stage on your floor.

Animal prints have been used throughout history as a sign of status, whether in a hall of mounted trophy heads and skins or on a king’s robe. While we’re not so much for the heads-on-a-pike look, we love an animal print. This rug gives us exactly what we crave—graphic focus, a neutral palette to pair with just about anything, and the hint of travel to faraway places—in one effortless step.

Although we went with neutral furniture and pillows here, the pumpkin-colored wall is great exclamation point—not to mention an unexpected backdrop for a king-size piece of art in a simple frame. Don’t forget the where’d-you-get-that? accents like the Tibetan gong on the coffee table, for Cultured Eclectic at its easiest.


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