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Rustic Fall Tablescape in Four Simple Steps


Warning: We’re about to give you some holiday happies.

If you love the season of celebrations as much as we do . . . but often find yourself worrying about every little detail (just like we do), this year, Annie’s here to help you stress a little less with this simple—and stunning—fall tablescape that you can put together in practically no time. Even better, it looks terrific while still putting the attention where it really belongs: on you, your guests, and your amazing holiday food.

Here’s how to get the look, and check one big task off your to-do list:

1. Choose an outdoorsy centerpiece. This natural beauty—made almost entirely from Annie’s backyard—brings the outdoors in with some dried leaves, flowers, and gourds. (Stay tuned for next week’s how-to on making it!) The key to a rustic centerpiece is to stick with organic materials and lots of texture.

2. Coordinate your table linens with the centerpiece. Instead of echoing the same dark neutral of the centerpiece’s wooden tray, Annie instead went with pleated linen placemats in a lighter neutral, and basic, unfussy silverware with wooden handles. She echoed the same green tone of the centerpiece’s gourds in the patterned napkins. Note that if you use brighter-colored leaves, or berries instead of flowers, in the centerpiece, you could easily pick up the same tone in the napkins for an extra burst of color.

3. Pick plain dinnerware. The simple white plates help pop the chevron napkins and keep the look clean and sleek. Add some colored glassware in a classic shape for a dreamy, pretty quality.

4. Go for earthy accents. Think wood or bamboo, and align a couple of cutting boards, salt and pepper bowls, or serving bowls or utensils down the center, on either side of the centerpiece, to accentuate the rustic feel. Annie went with a more relaxed feeling for this tablescape, but if you want to dress it up a bit or give it a romantic vibe, add some votive candles in clear glass holders of different heights.

Now it’s time to share with the rest of the class. Tell us in the comments: What’s your favorite holiday trick for dressing the table?

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