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Rug Design Challenge Winner: Spotlight On Melissa Michaels

In the wake of the very exciting Rug Design Challenge this summer, we’re profiling each winner so you can learn more about them and their rug designs! Last month we profiled design blogger Anita Joyce and this month, we’re sharing a bit about Melissa Michaels, the author behind The Inspired Room.

On her blog, Melissa shares inspiration and helpful tips for decorating on a budget, homemaking and organization. In case you missed it, here are Melissa’s winning designs:

We reached out to Melissa with a few questions about her designs:


What was the inspiration behind your rug designs?

I wanted to take a classic look and give it a fresh twist. I like designs that are simple and timeless, but can still be a great statement piece in any room. My rug design offers a whimsical pattern with nautical rope tassels. Our home overlooks the Puget Sound and we’ve always loved living near the water, so I tend to incorporate a subtle coastal vibe into my own home and my designs.


How do you see the rugs being used in an interior or exterior space?

I see the design working in a variety of interior or exterior applications. It would be a great style setter and complement to any space. In a runner or throw rug size, it would easily add a pop of pattern, color and texture in front of a sink, on a porch or by the side of a bed.


Tell us about the color palette you focused on. How did you choose the hues for your rugs?
Gray and white is so easy on the eyes and can work well as a neutral backdrop!


How did Annie Selke’s designs play an influential role in your winning rug designs?

I have admired Annie Selke’s rug designs for many years! In fact, I’ve been collecting Dash & Albert Rugs for my own home for over a decade. I am always drawn to her beautiful color palettes and fresh timeless designs.


Any other thoughts on the design process or rug challenge?

I discovered that it’s much more challenging than I thought it would be to successfully get a design you imagine in your head onto a computer screen. To create a custom illustration for each of our designs, we sketched ideas on paper first, then used a Bamboo Tablet for the next phase of design. I’m really excited to see the drawings come to life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to design these rugs for Dash & Albert!

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