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Red-y for My Close-Up

Remaking a generic 1990s brick house into a showstopping, personalized, art-filled palace is no easy feat, but Houston decorator J. Randall Powers is more than up to the challenge. While his entire home, featured on Architechural Digest is a visual feast, we’re especially fanatical about his living room.

Let’s start with the walls, covered in a textured brown paper, which complement the wall-to-wall floor covering. The millwork lends a formal French vibe to the room, which is softened by all the plush furniture, like the shapely roll-back gunmetal velvet sofas, the double-cushioned red chairs by the fireplace, and the white herringbone Schumacher armchair with some seriously snazzy red-and-black trim around the bottom hem. The glass coffee table, hourglass-shaped Lucite side table, and gray footstools with Y-curved bottoms all help to keep the décor light, as do the full-length mirrors on either side of the limestone fireplace mantel. It’s amazing how much bigger they make the room look, isn’t it?

Though we love everything from the mismatched black chair with the blood orange cushion to the luxe gold consoles happily jumbled with an eclectic collection of antique ceramic pots and jugs, we can’t stop staring at two pieces in the room. The warm, tribal-inspired rug breaks up the sea of neutrals with a big, bold graphic pattern that draws the eye but doesn’t compete with any of the other furnishings. And the abstract painting above the mantel, by Judith Godwin, is spare yet powerful, and introduces a splash of yellow to the color palette. It’s a stunning take on neutrals, and an amazingly balanced design where masculine and feminine play nicely together.

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