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Raise the Bar: Must-Have, Fruity-Fun New Year’s Cocktails

Here at Fresh American HQ, we consider ourselves cocktail connoisseurs—especially during the holidays, when we’re on the lookout for easy yet creative recipes that have a disproportionate ratio in favor of wow factor over prep time. With the bounty of cranberries and apples that have been available in our region this season, we’re planning to get the New Year’s party started with a few of these fun yet grown-up, fruit-based cocktail recipes.

For even more holiday cocktail recipes—from a warming bourbon nog to a lip-smacking maple-gin concoction—courtesy of our local spirits guru, Chris Weld of Berkshire Mountain Distillers, click here.

Cranberry Smash Cocktail from The Sweetest Occasion

Sweetest Occasion Cranberry Smash Cocktail holiday


We love the tart-sweet balance of this cocktail recipe, thanks to fresh muddled cranberries and OJ, perked up with a bubbly mix of ginger ale and vodka. An instant party classic.


Norwegian Forest Cocktail from Sweet Paul 

Sweet Paul Norwegian Forest Cocktail

Holiday entertaining guru Sweet Paul brings us this fruit-tastic combo of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries offset with tangy lime and pungent vodka. The fresh rosemary sprig is the perfect hint of savory flavor.


Cranberry-Mint Holiday Punch from PureWow 

PureWow Cranberry Mint Holiday Punch

We like to think of this one as the funky child of the mojito and the mimosa, with a jolt of vodka and zingy cranberries dressed up in a made-for-parties sparkling punch. If you’ve got more than a handful of guests coming, make a double batch and store half in the kitchen; you won’t believe how fast this one will go.


Cider Rum Punch from Verses from My Kitchen

Verses from my Kitchen Cider Rum Punch

Does it get much better than sweet apple cider combined with buttery dark rum, a bit of simple syrup, and a dash of bitters? We think not, so we’re having seconds.


English Harvest Cocktail from Food & Wine


The sweet components of this apple-y, orangey delight are balanced by the dryness of gin and vermouth, and pepped up with a healthy shot of one of our favorite, and most underrated, spirits: apple brandy.

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