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There’s something about a four-poster or canopy bed that brings back old-school romance à la movies like Gone with the Wind. Whether you drape them in billowy fabrics or go for a sleekly unadorned look, four-poster beds can add much-needed shape and architectural detail to a room and create the illusion of height. We also like their ability to project masculinity or femininity, depending on the materials, sculpted or carved details, and finish.

For us, it’s all about a neutral bed layered with crisp sheets, touchably textured blankets, elegant covers, and pillows with extras like buttons, beading, or fringe. Distressed finishes, faux gold or silver leaf, or scroll-tastic wrought iron give the bed vintage appeal; dark woods with lots of details say traditional English or American; and clean-lined shapes in a monochromatic finish have a modern edge.

Start your own fling with one of these beauties.

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