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Romantic décor often gets a bum rap for being frillier than a Dolly Parton tribute at the Grand Ole Opry. With this bedroom, we say, au contraire, mon frere. It’s all about a simple backdrop; clean, modern lines; and a handful of well-placed details that make individual areas of the room pop.

The design starts with walls in a warm cream shade that have been left mostly blank—note the single panoramic artwork over the bed and the smaller shadowboxed piece over the fireplace mantel. To retain the gorgeous woodland view out the triple windows, drapes were bypassed for some horizontal blinds, which provide all the necessary privacy but can be fully retracted, allowing natural light to flood the room.

The floor is covered in a plush, deep-pile carpet in a natural jute tone. The low platform bed—sans headboard—looks rich dressed in simple sand-colored linens, layered matelassé coverlets in a textured chocolate herringbone and a white-on-white geometric, and that cheeky angora pillow. The acrylic bedside table and clear wall sconces keep the space open and airy.

A tired, dated fireplace was redressed with mirrored tiles that add some needed shine. How to choose between that and the swooping, shell-pink velvet chaise as our favorite child? We can’t, so we’ll just have to agree to love them both equally. Add a tall-glass-of-water tulip side table and a simple bouquet of pastel flowers, and the look walks the line between masculine and feminine, elegant and sexy.

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