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Plum Crazy: Our Favorite New Color Palette for Fall



We’re not sure if it’s the suddenly volatile temperatures, the resurgence of sky-high-heeled booties, or the intense lip and eye makeup that’s all over the pages of fashion mags and blogs, but we’re craving the softer side of fall. And when we spied this woven wool rug, we knew immediately that this could be the start of something spectacular. With its gorgeously varied palette—sky! Rouge! Blush! Rust! Plum! Lavender!—and soft yet substantial feel, it has everything we’re looking for in order to create a color palette that’s both lush and soothing.  No wonder it was the hit of the fall home shows.




Take a peek at our take on a plum-tastic decorating palette that will take you all the way through winter. Switch out some of the darker accents with aqua, lavender, and the palest butter come the sunnier days, and you’ve got a color scheme that can work in the warmer months, as well





1. Linen Bixby Chair

2. Selke Fleece Garnet Decorative Pillow

3. Wallflower Sheet Set

4. Bloomsbury Woven Wool Rug

5. Delphine Trellis Pendant

6. Spice Diamond Decorative Pillow

7. Selke Fleece Slipper Pink Decorative Pillow

8. Selke Fleece Garnet Hooded Robe

9. Boyfriend Greylac Matelassé Coverlet

10. Mirrored Nightstand

11. Laundered Cotton Boysenberry Throw

12. Sherwin Williams Wallflower

13. Sherwin Williams Grandeur Plum

14. Sherwin Williams Rosebay


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