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Pet Video Roundup

It’s that time again, when we spend a productive morning combing the Internet to bring you all things pets. This time around, we’re getting our kicks with the latest dog and cat photos and videos. If this doesn’t start off your Friday morning with a bark (or at least a couple of unintentionally loud snorts that make your cube mates peep over the walls, groundhog style), well, we suggest you turn around three times, settle in for a nap, and let us know when you’re awake and ready to play.


B Has Breakfast

Who says good manners are dead? Check out the polite table technique of B, canine companion of our own Fresh American photographer, Sean.


Corgi Cools Off at the Water Park

If you’re not going to use these convenient cooling systems, mind if I do?


Snuggling Mastiff

Because nothing says “you are loved” like 150 pounds of squirming, drooling, grunting pooch.


Feral Kitten Rescue and Socialization

This one comes from our friends at Berkshire Animal D.R.E.A.M.S. in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It’s a little long, but we dare you not to grin like a kid with an ice cream cone when you see all the work that goes into—and ensuing adorableness that comes from—socializing feral rescue



We Are the Champions:

Say hello to Maggie and Rusty, terrier pals to British tennis champion Andy Murray, modeling his Olympic hardware.



25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions: 

Part of Buzzfeed’s ongoing hilarious pet-photo series, this features unmistakable cat classics such as the Awkward Spoon, the Backstroker, and the Bag of Limbs.


Dock Jumping Competition:

Sometimes (okay, often), you just have to prove your athletic superiority over humans.

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Leah July 30, 2013 at 4:12 pm

The animal videos are by far my favorite.. always a guaranteed smile no matter how tough my day is. This was a post I found today on the top 5 videos of the week. It offered a link to funny cat videos as well. http://www.real.com/resources/video-roundup


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