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Pet Video Pick-Me-Up

Need a little between-holidays decompression time? We can help. Find a quiet corner; pour yourself a toasty cup of cappuccino, tea, or spiked cider; and spend a few minutes smiling, out-loud laughing, or even sniffling over these too-cute pet and animal videos. We guarantee your day will feel a little brighter.

Naughty Kitten Annoys Sleeping Cat


Ever try to nap and keep getting woken up by someone alternately adorable and annoying? We know how the big guy feels.


This Dog Has Moves


If only Zumba class were half as entertaining. Let this fluffy Kazakh dog show you how to get down with your bad self to some ’80s dance music.


Alpaca Gang Manages to Look Menacing


Fuzzy alpacas. Darth Vader’s “Imperial March.” Enough said.


A Homeless Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets Rescued


Is there anything more heartwarming than a rescue story? We can’t think of a single thing that makes us happier. Watch poor, abandoned Miley go from the trash pile (literally) to healthy and happy, thanks to Hope for Paws and a new friend. Sniff!


Horse vs. Cameraman


Beware the horse who’s not the center of attention. Chanchun gets up close and personal with—and whispers sweet nothings to?—a cameraman during a TV interview.



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