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When we think of our ideal living room, the first word that comes to mind is usually comfort. It is a living room, after all, a place to kick up your feet with friends and family, curl up with a good book, or sack out for a weekend-afternoon nap. So stiff, formal, and dull are, as Heidi Klum might bark in her Teutonic accent, owwt.

This New York City apartment, featured in House Beautiful, gets the easygoing vibe just right, with a decidedly high-brow, global touch. We love the almost-clashing patterns, from bold florals and stripes to ikat and tribal. The stunning ninenteeth-century, red Turkish rug is a fantastic base for a Robert Kime octagonal ottoman in orange, blue, green, and cream, and the low olive sofa jammed with plump, bright pillows. The walls, armchairs (get a load of those lemon-yellow pillows!), and lampshades keep the space light, while bloodred accents in the flowers, striped throw, and shapely artwork give the eye a place to land before moving on to other interesting details . . . like the mismatched lamps and miniature busts on the—you guessed it—mismatched end tables. As designer Daniel Sachs puts it, “You can create a happy mess in a room, and it just makes it feel more comfortable.”


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