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Out to Lunch

Just because you’re brown-bagging it doesn’t mean you have to, well, brown bag it. With the multitude of spunky, colorful bags and boxes currently on the market, you can tote your lunch with personality to spare.

We love these reusable bags and containers not only for their happy-go-lucky style, but for their ability to hold adult-sized portions and stand up to years of trips in the car and cramming into a school locker—making them more economical per use for you, and a whole lot kinder to the planet. Choose from bright colors and prints on soft-sided, zip-up bags that fit inside a work tote, Indian-style tiffens that separate your food into individual compartments and have easy-to-carry top handles, or retro-fun picnic baskets and boxes. Choose an insulated tote if you don’t have a refrigerator to park your lunch in, or buy plenty of freezer packs. And for maximum greenness, don’t forget the reusable sandwich baggies and food containers.



PackIt Red Personal Cooler

Lego Lunch Box Yellow

Spicy Relish Lunch Tote in Scattered Dot

Coca-Cola Picnic Basket Tin Box

To-Go Ware 2-Tier Stainless Lunch Box

Lunchskins Sandwich Bag in green apple


Sachi Dumpling Blue with Dots Lunch Purse

Lunch on the Go Glasgow Plaid Insulated tote

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