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Annie loves taking inspiration from nature, especially trees, with all their color, texture, and grain variations. (Don’t believe us? Check out our recent post on the Bark Shingles she’s using to dress up her house.) So it’s no surprise that one of her current obsessions is Pete Nelson’s New Treehouses of the World book.

One part analysis of the treehouse’s role around the world, one part treatise on sustainability, one part travelogue, and all parts affectionate celebration of wildly imaginative design, New Treehouses of the World features photos and profiles of 35 luscious arboreal structures. There’s a spherical “houseboat” in Vancouver, an elaborately detailed yet cozy two-level chalet in Washington State, and even a way-up-there domed house set atop a winding spiral staircase in Okinawa (this one was made for communicating with outer space. We kid you not). Whether you want to brainstorm your own original design or simply drool over photos of incredible treehouses in stunning locations, this book’s a keeper.



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