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Neutral Is the New Awesome

We’re known for color here at Fresh American HQ, but what’s color without a neutral to give it top billing—or a needed bit of grounding? So we were understandably excited to see Annie’s fall collection of neutral area rugs. Take a peek, and we think you’ll agree.

Annie doesn’t believe that neutrals should be a snore, even if they do provide a great background for color and pattern. She created this beautiful bunch with eye-catching patterns rendered in durable woven wool, micro-hooked wool, and a hand-knotted wool so plush it feels like a digging your toes into cloud. It’s a truly exceptional assortment of neutrals that will never get boring, and we can’t wait to start on new room designs featuring these rugs.

Sound off! Which of these neutrals would you use in your home?


  1. Cat’s Paw Grey
  2. Honeycomb Ivory/Grey
  3. Plain Tin Grey
  4. Patched Melange
  5. Nordic Kilim
  6. Masinissa
  7. Zigzag Natural
  8. Cat’s Paw Natural
  9. Honeycomg Chocolate/Grey
  10. Plain Tin Oatmeal


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1 comment

Judi Butterworth September 16, 2013 at 9:22 am

Cat’s paw rug is pick of my husband!! Great colors, but cute, too!!


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