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My New Favorite Room

Well, I have been holding out on you. You saw the astounding images of the Samode Palace in my previous post, but I had to save this space. It was a transforming space, and one that I am practically counting the days until I can experience it again!

With over 100 colors, multiple patterns, mirrors, Mughal arches, three differently  patterned rugs, and ornate silver furniture,  how could this room not be a disaster? It is anything but! The traditional furniture layout is very much like a formal English drawing room, and since the palace was built in 1931, when India was a British colony, that is likely no coincidence. The formality of the arrangement of the furniture is a marvelous foil for the EXTREMELY patterned walls, ceiling, and floor. Also notable is that the upholstery fabrics are predominately solids, a stripe and one multicolored chevron. The simple fabric choices help the silvered  furniture to hold its own in the room.

This space is a feast for the senses—a quiet riot of color and pattern—and  truly unsurpassed in my experience. I have been in many extraordinary and grand places, but somehow this one stands apart. It’s not a large space; in fact,  the main space is probably only 15 to 18 feet wide (note to self : get the dimensions of spaces that you really love) by about 60 feet long (including the little arched spaces at either end). I am guessing here, mind you.

Looking back at the images, I am struck by how similar a feeling this room has to watching the sunrise from my bedroom window.  Those subtle pinks, lavenders, and blues that last only moments but that are sooooo beautiful and so self-sustaining— the rosy-fingered dawn—made my heart sing.



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