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Multiple Choice

Who isn’t familiar with this iconic image? Many of us have fond childhood memories of the deluxe box of Crayolas. Annie herself always coveted one of these beauties, and although (or maybe because?) she didn’t get it, it sparked a lifelong love of multicolored assortments and the rainbow cheerfulness they imply. We can’t think of a better inspiration for decorating.

So go back to that crayon box and give in to your exuberant inclinations. Try an accent wall in an unexpected bright like lemon or tomato, or layer your bed in kicky shades of blue cotton, from aquamarine to cobalt, then contrast it with silky, embroidered tangerine pillows. Pile your prized pink sofa with pillows in tropical, floral, and crazy-quilt prints. Paint that thrift-shop console table a brilliant green, then set it front and center against the orchid-print wallpaper you couldn’t live without. Think about your favorite multicolored packs—whether they’re kids’ T-shirts, a box of back-to-school pencils, or a cellophane-wrapped bunch of Post-it notes—and then ask yourself, “Where can I combine these colors?” You’ll be surprised how easy it is to reinterpret these favorites in your own spaces.

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