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It’s no secret that we have a silly streak about a mile wide—if it’s goofy, unexpected, and fun, we’re all over it. Case in point: Corkers, a line of smile-inducing wine-cork critters, made by using your own wine cork and these clever pin kits from Tel Aviv–based design studio Monkey Business.

Annie found these adorable party animals on a recent trip abroad and brought back a bunch. Though the robot designs are just ridiculous enough to crack us up, we can’t get enough of the wildlife table toppers. (Annie’s favorite is the Crow.) Lucky for us, they come in six different designs, ensuring that every dinner party is as spirited as what’s in the bottle.

Monkey Business, which has been “adding the extra to the ordinary since 1994,” also sells dozens of giggle-worthy, functional kitchen and dining items, home décor products, travel cases, desktop and office supplies, and more. Check them out, and snap up some hilarious hostess gifts.


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