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Making Mud Season Pretty, One Rug at a Time

If you think it’s impossible to keep your mud-splashed patio or porch looking fresh and gorgeous, or if you figured a spring garden full of flowers and greenery couldn’t get any prettier, we’ve got one word for you: indoor/outdoor rugs. This year, we’re taking a cue from interior decorating legend and gardening maven Bunny Williams, and decking out our favorite outdoor spaces with some really incredible area rugs.




We hear you when you bemoan the fact that some indoor/outdoor rugs look and feel plasticky and cheap. That’s why we love these new styles, which feel great in the hand or underfoot—and which Bunny herself, who chose this eco-friendly PET weave because it looks and feels like woven wool, uses on her patio, in her greenhouse, and even on pathways and gravel-lined steps in her garden.




The idea of using a rug in the garden might seem, well, a bit posh and impractical, but trust us on this one: it’s one of those unexpected bits of décor, like an oversize antique urn or a brightly painted planter, that elevates an outdoor design from good to wow-worthy. And when the rugs are this affordable and durable—scrub with a soft brush and some detergent, squirt with a hose, and allow to air dry—we think it’s a design risk worth taking. Another bonus: the rugs come in a wide range of patterns (from traditional plaids to colorblock and modern graphic) and colors, so there’s something for every outdoor conversation space or garden. Mud season is suddenly looking a whole lot brighter.




Now our only question is: Which rug should we start with?

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