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Make Your Own Water Garden

We’ve lived in our share of miniscule apartments and yard-less houses, so we’re always looking for ways to grow pretty things in minimal space. When our photo team put together a water garden for a recent photo shoot, we were hooked.

This adorable garden couldn’t be simpler to make. All you need is a galvanized steel tub, some spray-on pond liner, a bunch of plastic pots, some gravel, and water plants. Many nurseries offer great discounts on plants this late in the season, so scoop up several of your favorites and enjoy them all the way into mid-autumn.

Hint: to keep mosquitoes from using your water garden as a personal play land, add some guppies or mosquitofish; they do an incredible job of keeping those nasty critters in check. Just remember that you’ll need to keep the tub clean—a fish-tank pump works best for this—and feed them occasionally, and they’ll need to be relocated to a more comfortable climate before the cold weather hits.


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