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Make This Fall Centerpiece—From Your Backyard!


We love to host a fall or holiday dinner party, and deck out the table with a gorgeous centerpiece that takes the whole experience to the next level. But when we’ve got a houseful of guests on the way, what we don’t love is a centerpiece so complicated to make that it requires multiple trips to the craft store and an entire weekend to put together. Instead, for this Thanksgiving, we’re taking a cue from Annie with this easy, elegant take on the centerpiece, made almost entirely from the backyard and in less than an hour. No joke.

Read on, Fresh Americans, for all the details, then get ready to make your Thanksgiving table the talk of the neighborhood.


What you’ll need:

  • 3 large, tall gourds in the same color family
  • 4 miniature white pumpkins or gourds
  • 3-5 bunches dried hydrangeas or other dried flowers, or berries
  • A bucket of small, vibrant dried leaves (like locust) in a single color
  • A low, rectangular wooden tray


How to do it:

1. Pour enough dried leaves into the tray until they reach the top edge.



2. Arrange the three tall gourds in the center of the tray, spacing them equally apart. Keep the two on each end in alignment with one another, and offset the central one.




3. Arrange one white pumpkins or gourd on either side of the central gourd. Place one white pumpkin or gourd on either end of the tray, beside the outside green gourds.



4. Tuck the bunches of dried hydrangeas into the open spaces between the gourds and the edges of the tray.






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