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Make Mine a Macaroon

Proust had his madeleines. Cookie Monster had his chocolate chips. Though we’ll sample almost any type of sweet treat, we’re partial to the macaroon, that singular meringuelike confection with the crispy outer layer and soft, creamy center.

The process of making these brilliant pink cookies is (almost) as fun as eating them. We  used a food-coloring paste, which imparts more vibrant color than liquids. We also made plenty of extras—for quality control, of course, and our recommended daily allowance of almonds. (That makes the macaroon a health food. Really. Go ahead and Google it. We’ll wait.)

For a great basic macaroon recipe, we like Martha Stewart’s classic Parisian macaroon. Then check out these ten tips for perfect cookies, to keep your mini masterpieces from becoming fussy flops, courtesy of examiner.com.

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