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We have loads of favorite decorative objects, and regardless of what they are—a pillow, a piece of artwork, a painted Indian jewelry box, or a butterfly preserved under glass—we’re shameless about pilfering their color palettes. For this romantic living room, for example, we looked no further than Annie’s beloved lusterware collection.

We started with the purple-tinged pink of the plates, and selected a textured, striped wallpaper to match. Also like the plates, we lightened up the room with soft white, this time on the moldings and trim. To play off the beautiful sage tone of the lusterware’s floral design, we brought in this sink-into-it-and-put-up-your-feet sofa—upholstered in a luxurious velvet—then added pillows in complementary mustard and coral, and with rich details like embroidery and fringe.

For the armchairs and throw, we opted for another dash of orange and some touchably silky fabrics. The oversize ottoman “coffee table” pulls it all together with more pink and green, plus shapely, turned wood legs that echo those on the sofa. And since we can’t get enough of fresh flowers, we stuffed an oversize crystal vase with a profusion of white roses. The result is a look that’s both casual and relaxed, with a decidedly dreamy, intimate ambience.

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