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Introducing Annie Selke Luxe

We’ve been holding out on you for a while now. But today, Fresh American fans, we’re practically bursting with excitement at being able to share the first look at one of Annie’s most anticipated projects to date: Annie Selke Luxe, a collection of classically beautiful, timelessly luxurious bedding and accessories.




As you’ve no doubt figured out from posts like this and this, Annie has a thing for textiles. Twenty years’ worth of experience designing bedding and accessories has given her a broad range of inspirations to draw from. But when she started thinking about creating a new luxury collection, one idea came to mind: classic European craftsmanship.


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She started by seeking out the finest weaving, finishing, and printing mills in Italy, Portugal, and England, many of which have been in operation for centuries. Then she sourced some of the world’s finest fibers—Egyptian cotton, linen, cashmere, silk, and wool. Those time-tested techniques and sumptuous textiles were blended with Annie’s own unique sense of pattern and color to create an all-new collection of duvets, sheets, quilts, shams, bed skirts, decorative pillows, throws, and more that are subtle and serene, smooth to the touch and restful on the eye—perfect for creating that everyday haven we all long for.




There’s a lot to love about Annie Selke Luxe, from the 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton percales to the smooth-as-silk sateens, intricately detailed woven jacquards, light-as-air silk quilts, and exquisite cashmere throws. What’s more, the new collection features tons of special features and details. To give you an inside peek, let’s talk Egyptian cotton, which is the centerpiece of Annie Selke Luxe.




Annie chose Egyptian cotton for a simple reason: it’s the best of the best. Grown in the Nile River Valley, Egyptian cotton plants produce the finest, extralong-staple fibers, making for woven sheets, duvets, or matelassé coverlets that are exceptionally soft and supple. Another bonus: the strands, which can be woven into ultrahigh-thread-count bedding, are more durable, as well as incredibly absorbent, so they take dye more readily than short-staple cotton. This allows for beautiful depth of color—and it stays that way, with minimal fading, for years to come.


Because Egyptian cotton offers such a wealth of color opportunities, Annie has worked closely with the weaving and printing mills to ensure that the colors are engineered to be a precise match—so if, for example, you’re using the Piazza duvet cover in Delphinium blue as your top-of-bed statement, it will be a perfect match for the Lazio matelassé and shams in the same color. It’s a high-end take on traditional mix-and-match coordinates, with exquisitely edited hues to choose from.




And the details . . . there are so many meticulously crafted details in the Luxe collection that we could fill dozens of posts with them. For instance, the Lia and Carina hemstitch sheets—no ordinary hemstitch, but a superfine “dotted” stitching pattern typical of fine Italian bedding craftsmanship—have a 14-inch return, which is not only a nod to traditional European bed linens, but also gives you a visual cue on where to turn back the sheet when making your bed.




Meanwhile, the Dogwood duvet cover is crafted of dreamy 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton sateen that looks and feels like silk, and bears a stunningly sophisticated watercolor print that’s enhanced by the signature sheen of sateen. Or for a more traditional feel, look to the woven jacquards, like Sophia and Chinois Damask, which feature intricate tone-on-tone patterns.




The Annie Selke Luxe collection also includes three masterful matelassé coverlets in both traditional and contemporary woven patterns, shams with details like appliqued banding and scalloped edges, impossibly soft (and warm!) cashmere and wool throws, and perfectly tailored bed skirts. Effortless elegance and luxury with a fresh new eye—that’s what Annie Selke Luxe is all about.







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