Home Decorating Inspired By: Transferware & Blue Rugs

Inspired By: Transferware & Blue Rugs


Annie’s love affair with transferware continues. And if you joined us for the first in this series of pairing the iconic ceramics with blue rugs (plus a bit of history on transferware), you know that Annie’s not afraid to mash up favorite patterns. Today she’s taking the pattern play to new heights by  contrasting an elegant, floral, and decidedly feminine transferware plate with a boldly graphic blue chevron rug.

transferware blue chevron rug

Why does this combo, despite its obvious differences in character and time periods, work so well? For starters, it’s the same, high-contrast denim-and-white palette for both the area rug and the plate. And while the plate mainly features organic shapes—flowers, trees, and animals—the angular points of the chevron are subtly echoed in the mountain peaks and rooflines in the background of the plate design.

To expand on the theme for a whole-room color palette, we’d pair this blue area rug with creamy white walls, walnut-toned furniture for a bit of grounding, indigo window panels, decorative pillows in shades ranging from navy to sky, and a pop of a warm color like persimmon or goldenrod in the accessories to bring energy to the cool tones. It’s a palette that’s easy, versatile, and eye-catching, and includes a harvest hue to help transition a favorite coastal combo to fall.

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Alina September 11, 2014 at 1:19 pm

Love the blue color and the chevron pattern!


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