Home Decorating Inspired By: New England Sunset

Inspired By: New England Sunset

This time of year is magical for so many reasons, from the crisp mornings contrasted with sunny afternoons to the unbelievable display of colors in the fall foliage. While those colors have given us a lot of recent decorating inspiration, today we’re looking to another color palette—the New England sunset—for décor ideas.

We spotted this extraordinary photo of the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, on Visit Maine’s Pinterest page, and the moody mix of purple, blue, pink, orange, and grey immediately captured our imagination. Although it’s a complex, sophisticated palette, it’s actually not difficult to get this look at home.

The trick is to use one of the darker hues—blue, purple, or grey—as your foundation, and layer in a few different shades to mimic the gradient effect from dark to light. Think larger pieces here, from wall color to sofas, armchairs, duvets, quilts, and area rugs.  Then pick up the hotter shades—orange and pink—in the accents, like throws, decorative pillows, poufs, storage totes, lamps, and vases of flowers, or in patterned bedding and rugs.

Because this is a decorating palette based on nature and not what’s trendy in fashion or home décor stores, it will never go out of style. And, really, could we ever get bored looking at something so beautiful?


  1. Coco throw
  2. Baja Anthracite matelassé & boxed sham
  3. Sheepy Fleece Fuchsia robe
  4. Rhapsody Wool Woven rug
  5. Le Totes Graphite/Platinum
  6. Pinwheel Plum pajama
  7. Fiona sheet set
  8. Kala Neutral napkins



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Mary November 3, 2014 at 5:24 pm

I’ve seen you use that Coco throw before. It has subtle magic to it.


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