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Inspired by: Woman in Gold

When in doubt—or in need of new decorating inspiration—turn to art.

This is one of Annie’s design mantras, and with good reason. There’s an almost never-ending supply of beautiful art in the world, so you can easily find something that resonates with you and your decorating style. Art—whether painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, or even woven textiles like tapestry—often has a built-in, sophisticated color combos that take the guesswork out creating a palette for a room, and that makes it simple to coordinate everything from bedding to furniture to accessories like throw pillows and blankets. In a nutshell, art gives you the perfect jumping-off point for establishing not just a design foundation, but also a mood or ambience in your favorite spaces.

Case in point: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, the über-famous 1907 painting by Austrian genius Gustav Klimt, which is the subject of the newly released film Woman in Gold. Incredible, isn’t she?



Viennese socialite Adele Bloch-Bauer was the picture of a late-nineteenth-century salon lady . . . if you don’t count the facts that she educated herself (and even read in three languages!) in spite the lack of opportunities available to her, she was often caught in the unladylike habit of smoking, she was a tireless supporter of women’s suffrage, and she had a not-so-quiet affair with the man who painted her portrait. As if her exquisite, elaborately ornamented golden portrait weren’t beautiful enough, knowing that she enjoying bucking a convention or three makes us love her that much more.


Woman in Gold Helen Mirren


Woman in Gold isn’t about Adele or her portrait so much as the struggle of her niece, Maria Altmann (played by Helen Mirren, who still manages to look stunning despite a dowdy wardrobe and unfortunate wig), to regain possession of the priceless Klimt painting after the Nazis had confiscated and renamed it 60 years prior—so that the public wouldn’t know that it’s beautiful subject was Jewish. The movie raises philosophical questions about the true ownership of works of art, and what value can really be placed on them. It also gives us some incredible decorating inspiration, which Annie has translated into this swanky yet unpretentious room design, featuring saturated colors, geometrics juxtaposed with curvaceous shapes and soft textures, and, of course, plenty of rich gold accents.



1. Uma Resist Gold quilt and shams

2. Gold-Dipped Vases kit

3. Cat’s Paw wool area rug

4. Lydia Neon Button Back armchair

5. Ateriors Gold end table

6. Laundered Linen Indigo double boudoir pillow

7. Quinn Silver floor lamp

8. Candlewick Curry Continental pillow

9. Trio Indigo flat sheet

10. Amber Mosaic mirror





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