Home Decorating Inspired by: Dr. Zhivago on Broadway

Inspired by: Dr. Zhivago on Broadway

We can count on, well, one finger the number of times we’ve been inspired to redecorate based on a Russian revolutionary war–era story. And though it’s been some time since the impossibly chic, fur-swaddled Julie Christie in the celluloid version of Dr. Zhivago made us want to drape ourselves—and our houses—in layers of tailored wool, soft felt, elaborate embroidery and beading, and richly detailed velvets and silks, we now have a whole new revolutionary-Russia inspiration to draw from: Dr. Zhivago the Broadway show, which Annie previewed just a couple of weeks ago.





While both the film and the musical are based on Boris Pasternak’s epic novel of romance, and the clash of traditionalism versus modernism in turn-of-the-twentieth-century Russia, where the movie is lush and ornate, the Broadway show is spare and haunting. Annie thought the acting and musicianship were top-notch, but she was instantly smitten with the evocative set design by Michael Scott-Mitchell and the sophisticated costumes by Paul Tazewell. So much so that she couldn’t wait to brainstorm this bedroom design, which plays off the story’s balance of classic and contemporary, rustic and upscale.


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If you’re not a fan of pastels or brights for the warm-weather months, this bedroom look is the perfect antidote. It’s seasonless, featuring saturated colors, dark woods, and weathered metallics that feel grounded without being weighty. And thanks to the mix of textures and fabrics—a geometric quilted matelassé coverlet, crisp embroidered cotton sheets, decorative pillows in two unique old-school stitching techniques, and a graceful, Indian-inspired paisley throw —it has depth and character in the compact package of lightweight layers.


Now, where did we leave our fur muff and hat?




1. Trio Linen Flat Sheet

2. Napa Wine Barrel Chandelier

3. Kerala Java Matelassé Coverlet

4. Jute Ticking Java Woven Rug

5. Korean Antique Style 49 Drawer Apothecary Chest

6. Anka Fossil Decorative Pillow

7. Vanhi Paisley Throw

8. Kensington Umbrella Stand

9. Antique Hammered Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

10. Candlewick Crimson Decorative Pillow

11. Reclaimed Wood End Table


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