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We count ourselves lucky—make that ridiculously superlucky—to live in an area so rich in culture, history, and really cool design. Take, for instance, the Red Lion Inn, a 200-plus-year-old Berkshire icon that has become even more relevant simply by reimagining an old sweater shop as a set of charming and beautiful luxury hotel rooms.

The Red Lion, one of the few continuously operating New England inns since the eighteenth century, has long been known for its funky, antique-bedecked spaces, many chock-full of gorgeous wallpaper and amazing collections. But with their newest lodgings, Maple Glen, owner Nancy Fitzpatrick and co. have created 17 bohemian-contemporary rooms that any road warrior would gladly come home to. It was an all-local effort, reimagined by architect Pam Sandler and decorated by Fitzpatrick and her staff using furniture from Peter Thorne; bedding and curtains from Fitzpatrick’s other business, Country Curtains; and the perennially popular, goes-with-anything Cat’s Paw rug from our own Dash & Albert Rug Company.

We’re huge fans of the soothing soldier-blue-and-gray palette of the room pictured above, with that cheery pop of yellow on the trims and the dotty pattern of the rugs; the gold, sienna, and seafoam green room pictured below gets major points for interweaving warm and cool tones in a fresh, friendly palette. The Red Lion knows how to work its focal points, and at Maple Glen, the upholstered headboards, curvaceous settees with gold-leaf accents, and brightly colored armchairs and table lamps transform the rooms into homey yet luxe spaces. Add in Fitzpatrick’s hand-picked flea market artwork, and you have a masterful mix rarely found in a hotel.

See what our friends at Rural Intelligence have to say about the renovation, then take a road trip and see it for yourself. We bet you’ll be back for more.

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