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In Search of the Perfect Lobster Roll


There’s food, and then there’s Food with a capital F—the kind of meal that causes you to wax poetic for days, months, even years after you’ve had it. We’re always on the hunt for this kind of foodie experience, but somehow it’s even more rewarding when it’s an unassuming dish at a place you never expected to give you the gourmet chills. That’s why we were over the moon to discover one of the Northeast’s best lobster rolls at Snow’s Clam Box, a quiet little roadside pub on the Rhode Island–Connecticut line of Route 44.

The restaurant isn’t exactly a design mecca, but what it lacks in aesthetic charm if more than makes up for in yum factor. Snow’s isn’t on the coast (although, come to think of it, pretty much all of teensy Rhode Island can be considered “on the coast”), but their lobster roll is a fresh, perfectly cooked, flavorful delight. The generously sized roll (ask for it toasted for a satisfying crunch) is overflowing with choice bits of tail and claw meat mixed with a mayo-based sauce that somehow manages to be light and sweet with a slight kick of spice. The homemade potato chips or French fries that come with the roll are also tasty, but we prefer the onion rings, made with thickly sliced onions and a crispy, savory, decidedly nongreasy beer batter (no kidding—there was nary a grease spot in sight on the paper lining of the basket).



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