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Holiday Gift Guide: Top Picks Under $100

We hope you joined us yesterday, when we kicked off the holiday-shopping season with our guide to terrific gifts under $50. Today we’re expanding our gift-giving horizons just a skosh with a range of presents that fall neatly under the $100 mark. From soft and snuggly throws to decorative pillows both cheeky and sophisticated, and a crazy-luxurious robe that looks and feels way more expensive than it is, you’ll want to keep referring back to this under-$100 gift guide all season long.


Got a bit more cash to splurge with this season? Stay tuned later this week for a look at top gift picks under $200.


Fresh American’s Guide to Holiday Gifts under $100


1. Basset Natural Decorative Pillow

2. Cashmere/Silk Two-Tone Charcoal Tube Scarf

3. Ibiza French Blue Throw

4. Pilar Indigo Hamper

5. Fresh American Le Tote Denim/White Tote Bag Grand

6. Selke Fleece Blanket

7. Selke Fleece Juniper Hooded Robe

8. Black Lab Natural Decorative Pillow

9. Signature Banded White/Indigo Towel

10. Veena Blue Crew Neck Pajama

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