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Here Comes the Sun

In the lore of flowers, sunflowers are symbolic of adoration. Because their heads are always turning toward the sun, sunflowers were worshipped by the Inca as an earthly incarnation of that star. We’re smitten with them for their jubilant, schoolbus-yellow petals; their broad, swirly seed heads; their sturdy stems; and their ability to give a room an instant cheer-lift.

Add arrangements of sunflowers in cute, colorful vases to several rooms of the house. Harvest them when the center is tight and black and before the petals have begun to curl back, or else go low-maintenance and buy cut flowers from your favorite farmers’ market.

Make cut flowers last longer by stirring floral preservative, a crushed aspirin, or a mixture of 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons sugar into the water before adding the flowers. If flowers droop, give the stems another trim and immediately plunge them into warm water. Change the vase water every few days. When the blooms are finally spent, allow the flower heads to dry flat and then put them outside for birds to nibble on.

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