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Gather all ye rosebud plates—or stamps or quilts or other obsessions—into accessible art collections.

The old adage “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” doesn’t just apply to a bodacious bod. We take great pleasure in putting our favorite collectibles—no matter how random and out-there—front and center in a room. Group like objects into substantial displays (note: three items does not a collection make), and they immediately exit the land of clutter and become conversation starters.

Here we’ve taken two basic, inexpensive collections to new heights. The old-timey wine labels get the scrapbook treatment with card-stock backing and self-stick photo corners. Affixed to a wall in an asymmetrical display, they become a uniquely personal focal point. The vintage hangers, with their crazy, twisting lines and curlicues—and placement on a clean white wall—are unexpected and eye-catching. It’s rare that a visitor would pass either collection without stopping to gawk and ask, “Where’d you get those?”

So hang ’em, shelve ’em, press ’em under glass, or pushpin ’em to your heart’s delight. The only rule for collections is that they speak to you and about you, regardless of whether you can explain why you can’t resist them.

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