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Great Pumpkin

We find it impossible to resist richly detailed ethnic textiles, like this embroidery-and-mirrorwork Indian bedspread and shams. So we gave in to our artisanal addiction and encouraged the spread’s unique pattern to shine by combining it with saturated, coordinating solids—seasonally pitch-perfect pumpkin and sage.

The slight sheen of the satin coverlet and the soft velvet of the scalloped-edge pillow also add another layer of texture, especially when tucked around smooth white sheets. For extra dimension, we found this printed bed skirt, which features pops of both colors and a graphic pattern that, while bold, doesn’t steal the show.

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Patty May 10, 2013 at 2:21 pm

I am always late to the party … and I just now saw and fell in love with this beautiful room – Great Pumpkin from September 22, 2011. I would love any ideas, sources, or help to re-create this beautiful bed. It was in my dreams, and here it is!



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