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When you think of romantic movies or TV shows, what’s the first image that pops into your mind? Probably something along the lines of a plush bedroom strewn with rose petals and lit by the amber glow of dozens of votive candles. Sure, it’s a cliché, but for a reason: candles are romantic, plain and simple. They allow us to slow down, dim the lights, and relax . . . preferably under the admiring gaze of Johnny Depp or Taye Diggs or that guy who played the hot twins in The Social Network . . .

But we digress.

Fortunately, you can barely swing a pair of last year’s jeggings without hitting a store that sells scented candles. In fragrance combinations from ebony wood, cashmere vanilla, and black orchid to island mojito, there’s a candle to fit every taste and budget. Bonus: they come in pretty boxes and elegant glass jars—and even pretty, monogrammed boxes and glass jars!—that are perfect for gift giving.

For a limited time, visit our Fresh Picks online store and stock up on these aromatic, hand-crafted candles—in three romantic scents that are sure to get your motor running.














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