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Get Styled with Emily Henderson

If you’ve ever wished that your home was as photo worthy as the spaces featured in upscale magazines—even if the only place you plan on putting those photos is Instagram—pro stylist, interior designer, and blogger Emily Henderson has a new book for you. In Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves, she takes her personal design mantra, “Style and play, every day,” to the next level with hundreds of tips and tricks on putting together rooms that are comfortable and functional and express your personality, without looking like you put a ton of effort into them.




From nailing down your personal decorating style to working with tried-and-true design techniques like layering, incorporating contrasting textures, making a mood board, and developing a unique color palette, Styled is packed with stylist’s secrets . In her signature down-to-earth, irreverent style, Emily also gives specific advice for different rooms—the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom, the bath and often-neglected spaces like entryways and corners—along with tons of extra photo tips, such as switching up the arrangement of same-colored objects on a set of shelves for a crisscross effect that keeps the eye moving. And with 75 room and a seemingly endless array of bookshelf, wall, and vignette photos, Styled is as loaded with eye candy as it is with practical steps you can follow at home.





In the back of Styled, Emily includes some terrific insider extras, like a list of go-to paint colors and design blogs, tips for shopping flea markets, advice on when to hire versus when to DIY, and a comprehensive list of her favorite online décor-shopping sources. We can see this compact book becoming a favorite on our design shelf, but with the holidays on the way, it also makes a great gift or coffee- or night-table read for visiting friends and family members.





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