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I had hoped someday to finish the rather large space over the garage.  That someday came faster than I thought it would.  When I decided to put up a metal roof, the dormer that would need to be added to the space above the garage became a do it now or re-do that part of the roof later.  I hate re-doing anything, so we framed for the dormer and did the roof.



Then I thought I could wait, but of course  I couldn’t look at the house wrap all summer, so we decided to put the windows in.  8024350800_fd5582f3b8_b

So in the windows went and then we left it alone over the winter.   But in March, we started up again.  I got the building permit and Jason got to work.  There are two entrances to the space.  The first is through one of the upstairs bedrooms.





This was a storage space between the garage and the bedroom.  There was a wall that was taken down.  This is a walkway between the two spaces.  There is also an exterior stair case where you see the door at the far end of the space.  You will see an image of it later.


I had to clear out the last of stuff including Mum’s old filing cabinet where I found all kinds of tidbits like my report cards from grade school through high school and Mother’s Day cards my brothers and I had made for her when we were little.  I also found a folder of charming love letters from my much adored stepfather to my mother.  The love seat you see in the corner is off being beautified for use in the living room.



This is the view from the exterior door back to the interior door.



This is the fold down stair case that was added when we took the staircase out to extend side entry and add a mudroom that goes out to the dogs’ play pen.


Next came the framing.  I had originally envisioned a large open space but my architect suggested I ask the building inspector if I could add a bathroom and the town of Lenox said yes.  So, my budget had to double but I do have a multi functional space when I’m done! The framed wall is the entrance to what will be a small bath with shower.



Here is the space from the walkway.


The sink will be on the tall wall and the toilet will be opposite on the same side.



This is the framed-in shower across from the sink and toilet wall.  We left a space for towel and toiletry storage to right of the shower.



We had to create a door that would maximize headroom, so we followed the pitch of the roof.  I plan to wallpaper the door to match the existing Farrow and Ball polka dot paper in the room.



Now that the space is drywalled and painted it is certainly a much more welcoming, if a bit funky, way to enter the new room.


So this is the new view to the exterior door.  The rather unsightly unit on the wall was the only option for getting heat and A/C to the space. 🙁   Oh well.


Here is the view from the exterior door.


This shows the space standing at the front side of the house.



Here is the not yet finished exterior staircase.  I plan to do something to camouflage the heating unit and do a general tidy up soon!

I agonized over what to do for flooring.  I had wanted to choose a thrifty option. I went to Home Depot to check out my options.  I  looked at carpet.  I looked at engineered wood plank flooring.  I looked at cork tile.  I really looked at and priced a bunch of options.   But the space had such a lovely, open feel to it that I wanted it to have the same light vibe as the rest of the house.  While carpet is the cheapest option and Home Depot has some great looking options,  one accident from one of the dogs and the carpet is tainted.  So, then I move to engineered wood.  Another good option as you don’t need to finish it and it can be sanded down and re-stained up to two times.  However, I  didn’t like any of the stains that were on offer. They were too dark or too yellow or too something that just wouldn’t make the space sing. So, I bit the bullet and ordered the same oak flooring I had used in the master bath and dressing room addition.  It is going in as I write this post!


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