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Fun with Fenestration

Hi again,

Back to the house.  It’s coming along!  One of the major choices I made—or my architect, John Gilmer, made for me— was to first replace all the windows in the house.  And, second, to dramatically increase the amount of glass on the view side of the house, to the advantage of the gorgeousness Mum created out there.  Below you see the before shot of the back of the house.

You’ll see, going from left to right, that the garage is staying the same.  The first significant change is the addition of a much larger window over the kitchen sink.  Moving right, you see an 8-foot sliding glass door transformed into a 12-foot sliding glass door—the first in a series of three that spans the  whole back of the house.  Next you see the bump-out with three windows that used to be my mother’s office and will become the dining room.  The bump is shaved off in place of a second 12-foot expanse of glass.  The final door is in the master suite, formerly the sunroom off Mum’s living room.

None of these expanses can be (safely) accomplished without the installation of structural steel!  These beams are massive, heavy, and are what hold the house up once you put a big hole in it!  It’s a beautiful thing, as it makes large open spaces possible.

The mighty beam.  It’s like a good foundation garment, and we all know how important those are!

The office before the hole is made for the sliding glass door.

Jason and his team hoist the first steel beam into place.

Note: all the framing that was put in place prior to the install of the beam.

Finally, the enormous window gets installed—very carefully!

This is the view of that same window from from the inside, looking from the master bedroom.  I went with pre-primed interior and a dark brown, clad exterior.

And here is the view of two of the three sliding glass doors from the kitchen.  It dramatically opened up the space, making the house seem like an extension of the garden.  Yippeeeee!!!!

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Victoria Athens June 19, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Fabulous. It is amazing what letting in the light will do to your love a space. I cannot wait to see the next step.


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