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Friday Fun Best of the Web: Taking Pet Photos

How many times has this happened to you? You’re hanging out with your pets, and they do something so cute, funny, or utterly ridiculous that you grab your cell phone or point-and-shoot and snap a dozen photos trying to capture the moment . . . only to find that you got nothing Facebook-worthy from the effort, let alone something you’d be proud to slap up on your wall. Sigh. Been there. . .

In our attempt to become proficient pet photographers, we’ve searched the Web for the top tips from photography and pet bloggers. Spend a couple minutes reading each of these posts—most of which don’t require specialized equipment—and we guarantee your pet photos will improve by Frisbee-catching leaps and bounds in a pretty short span of time.

10 Dog Photography Tips from Rachael Hale McKenna, via DesignSponge

Rachael Hale McKenna The New York Dog

Professional shutterbug and author of The New York Dog, McKenna covers the nuts and bolts, like how long to expect to spend on a shot, the best angles, how to light your pet, and how to capture your dog or cat’s individual personality.

Pet Photography: Getting THE Shot from Click It Up a Notch 

Rachel Potter Click It Up a Notch dog photo

Got a hyper pet who won’t sit still? Check out this practical post for encouraging your pet to pose and make eye contact, for that she’s-looking-into-my-soul quality.

How to Take the Best Head Shots of Fido for His Animal Planet Audition from Digital Trends 

Digital Trends pet photo

Jason Norum, aka The Furrtographer dishes on everything from gorgeous close-ups to motion photography, and the one thing you should always focus on.

How to Take Great Portraits of Your Pets from Mostly Lisa

Lisa Bettany papillon

What kinds of background should I use? When’s the best time to catch my pet on film? How do I fake that dramatic professional lighting I see in magazines? Lisa Bettany covers all these tips and more.

Pet Photography: 8 Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Dogs & Cats from MCP Actions

Mcpactions dog cat photo

This photography blog adds in a few wish-I’d-thought-of-that ideas that will have instant impact on your photos, whether you take them on a smartphone or an SLR camera with all the bells and whistles.


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