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Five Desserts to Add to Your Must List This Summer

Summer is for salads and iced tea, or so the traditional thinking goes. While we love an unexpected salad combo (stay tuned for one of those, coming next week) as much as the next guy or gal, for us, summer boils down to a basic food philosophy: simple, fresh ingredients with tons of flavor, prepared easily, with no sweltering over a stove.


Because eating lighter in the summer shouldn’t mean skipping dessert, we rounded up a bunch of recent recipes from around the blogosphere that fit this philosophy to a T, and that you’ll want to savor all summer long.


Mango-Lime-Chili-Ice-Cream- Bellalimento


Mango Chili Lime Ice Cream from Bell’alimento

The hint of heat balances the inherent sweetness of the mangoes, and the lime juice adds a refreshingly tart bite to this ice cream. Be sure to follow Paula’s instructions for letting the ingredients to chill completely, of the result will be a mushy orange mess.


Tart Cherry Cheesecake Parfaits_Love and Lemons


Tart Cherry Cheesecake Parfaits from Love & Lemons

We know: we had you at cheesecake. This healthier, no-bake version, with mascarpone and coconut milk, maple syrup subbing for sugar, and a crust of crumbled graham crackers and walnuts, ups the ante with a topping of puckery-delicious tart cherries.


Black and Blue Cobbler A Beautiful Mess


Black & Blue Cobbler from A Beautiful Mess 

Sure, you could use frozen blackberries and blueberries and save yourself the step of washing the fresh ones, but considering that big, sweet berries that are just coming into season, you’d just be cheating yourself. Buy the nicest, plumpest fresh berries at the farmers’ market, then put together this easy baked treat with only a handful of pantry staples and about 10 minutes’ prep.


Smores Cookies Brown Eyed Baker


S’mores Cookies from Brown Eyed Baker

The sweet nostalgia of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers in a portable, no-melt, no-sticky-fingers package? Yes, please. They take a while to prepare because the dough has to be chilled before baking, but, boy, are they worth it.


Pistachio Semifreddo recipe 4


Pistachio Semifreddo from Fresh American Style 

That’s right: we’re name-checking our own recipe, because it’s that good. Five ingredients, a food processor, a mixer, and about 10 minutes’ prep time (plus a few hours in the freezer), and you have a dessert that will rival those of the best Italian cafes in your area. This one is guaranteed to wow guests, whether scooped into bowls and garnished with fresh mint or piled in heaping scoops in waffle cones.

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