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It’s pretty easy to grasp the concepts of layering, texture, and natural elements in a Nuanced Neutral room, but shape is what elevates a design from good to “Whoa.” This living room would leave even Keanu Reeves exclamation-less, thanks to its juxtaposition of hard angles with swooping arcs and voluptuous curves.

The room utilizes a white base to best show off furniture and accessories, making it easy to distinguish all the rectilinear pieces like the art prints, the stacking side tables, the square stone floor tiles, the pedestal in the left corner, and the lust-inducing Lucite coffee table. Against these geometric shapes, the grid-print sofa and leather butterfly chair are like graceful brushstrokes rendered in richly textured materials. For the accessories, the glass and polished aluminum lamp provides another strong, check-me-out shape, while the vases—round, oval, and squat and gourdlike—and the bolster pillows on the couch soften the look. Even the bromeliad on the coffee table, with its sprawling, tentacled appearance, is a beautiful counterpoint to the hard surfaces and shapes beneath.

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