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Fall Door Décor: Thanksgiving Wreath


We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for a fresh new take on the Thanksgiving wreath. So when Annie suggested a lightened-up version of the holiday standby, we dropped the bittersweet branches and got cracking on this soft, pretty, elegant wreath, sourced from Annie’s yard and the local farm stand. All you need to get the look at home are some dried flowers, a few white mini pumpkins or gourds, a foam wreath form, crafting wire, floral picks, and about an hour of playtime.


After clipping some branches from Annie’s hydrangea bushes, we let them dry in the garage for a few days. Then we inserted the stems into a foam wreath form, making the arrangement as dense as possible, to hide the form underneath. We also varied the placement of the pink and white flowers, for a soft, gradientlike effect.

With a bit of crafting wire, we made a loop and poked it through the top of the foam wreath form, keeping it close to the form’s back so it didn’t stick up past the top of the flowers (think of the placement of the hanging hook on the back of a picture frame). Then we inserted floral picks into each gourd, and inserted the free ends in between some of the flowers, into the foam form. (If needed for extra stability, you can wrap a short piece of crafting wire around the gourd stems and insert the ends of the wires into the foam form.) We went with a slightly asymmetrical arrangement, which lends more visual interest and helps break up the bunches of pink flowers.


What do you think? Would you use this as your go-to holiday wreath?


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