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When it comes to late-summer and early fall activities, we have a general rule: if it includes artisanal crafts, cute animals, live music, amusement-park rides and games, and copious amounts of fried food and ice cream, we’re there. Country fairs are still a mainstay in certain parts of the country, especially the Northeast, where you can find everything from tiny hometown shindigs that celebrate the zucchini harvest to hopping weeklong extravaganzas featuring equestrian shows, kiddie playlands, and big-name musical acts. These fairs are a terrific—and tres Happy Preppy—way to spend a day, and we believe in leaving no Ferris wheel unridden and no fluffy cloud of cotton candy uneaten.

Here are a few of the grooviest country fairs happening over the next six weeks. Know of others in your neck of the woods? Post about it in the comments.

Three County Fair, Northampton, MA—Sept. 2–5

Franklin County Fair, Greenfield, MA—Sept. 8–11

Central Carolina Fair, Greensboro, NC—Sept. 10–19

Santa Cruz County Fair, Watsonville, CA—Sept. 13–18

Durham Fair, Durham, CT—Sept. 22–25

Long Island Fair, Long Island, NY—Sept. 22–25

Cumberland County Fair, Cumberland, ME—Sept. 25–Oct. 1

Topsfield Fair, Topsfield, MA—Sept. 30–Oct. 10

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