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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: Blue & Orange

Some decorating ideas are so simple and impactful that they’re practically genius. Nowhere does this theory work better than with color palettes, where a bit of contrast makes a huge difference in creating rooms that feel fresh, contemporary, creative, and just a little bold. Annie’s favorite pairing of the moment? Deep indigo and juicy orange.

Blue and orange are color-wheel opposites, so they have an inherent ability to make each other pop—blues look bluer next to orange, and orange takes on a vibrant, energetic life of its own. The two together are a grown-up take on youthful brights.




We love to intersperse blue and orange with white for a stretch of calm between the more stimulating hues. This is crazy-easy to do with a great duotone print (or two) that has a white background, but you can accomplish the same feel with white furniture and accents. Although this approach works in any room, we especially like it for the master bedroom and the bathroom, where little serenity goes a long way.

For a fearless modern look, goose the white,  indigo, and orange with a bright, spirited third color like citrus. Because all three colors are of about the same intensity, they have a hip, lively feel that’s perfect for family spaces, the kids’ room, the kitchen, or even the home office.


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