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Everybody Loves a WOUF

Lifelong dog lover Annie first created the WOUF as a pint-sized version of the pouf for her beloved Clumber spaniels Dash, Daisy, and Emmet. Little did she know that it would become an instant favorite not only of dogs, but of cats and a host of . . . let’s just say surprising pets. Think we’re kidding? Keep scrolling.

With its sturdy construction of woven polypropylene and polystyrene pellet fill, the WOUF is not only completely washable (see here for the full how-to), but it’s also entirely squishable—perfect for supporting and cushioning aging joints, and for fitting into tight spaces like the car. It’s lightweight and easy to toss around from room to room, and comes in nine sassy stripe combos, so unlike the beds you get from pet stores, it actually blends seamlessly with your décor.


If you need any more convincing about the wonders of the WOUF, take it from these staffers’ pets:


Says mom Shannon, our Web analytics and merchandising guru, “Alice works her WOUF like Faye Dunaway works that settee in Mommy Dearest.”  We love a tortie with attitude . . . and good taste in decor.

photo 2

According to two-legged companion Kevin from Maintenance, Masubius, a corn snake (love those stripes!) is a pretty mellow gal who likes curling (slithering?) up on her new pillow.


Well-coiffed Tequila is, according to pet parent Deana (one of our Outlet store fabulistas), the diva of the house. Here she is striking one of many poses on her new favorite cushion.


Pickle, a green cheek conure who sports some pretty festive colors, was a little suspicious of the “crunchy” noise of the polystyrene fill when he walked over the WOUF. Since then, says mom Kim, from our Inventory department, he’s taken to it like a champ, and enjoys his afternoon seed snack on it.

photo 1

Sunny, scaly “son” of Michelle in Customer Service, isn’t quite sure what we’re all laughing at, but he’s willing to smile along with the joke. We never thought we’d say this, but it looks like we can add bearded dragons to the list of four-legged friends who love the WOUF.

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