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Easy, Last-Minute Gift Ideas

It happens every year: we either promise ourselves we’re going to finish our holiday shopping early and get sidetracked by other responsibilities, or we inadvertently leave someone off our list. But this year, we’re not stressing in the least, because we’ve compiled this collection of sure-to-please holiday gift ideas that are quick, simple, and available in a wide range of brick-and-mortar stores and online. Consider our list fully checked.


If you’re also looking for some easy, last-minute gift ideas, try one of these:


A coordinating scarf and tote bag. We’re partial to this easy combo of an ombre infinity scarf and a carryall tote in a classic stripe pattern updated with gorgeous (and versatile) blend of greys and blues. They’re easy to throw on, and elevate the look of almost any outfit.


Midnight Stripe woven cotton tote bagOmbreCottonGauzeCharcoalInfinityScarfCloseup


Pajamas. We used to think this was a lady thing, but it turns out that men enjoy lounging in a pair of cozy pj’s just as much as we do. Make the gift extra special by picking up top-quality separates in soft, easy fabrics like flannel, cotton knits, or Modal.




A new robe. This is a variation on the sleepwear theme, but robes seem to be the one item our friends and family will wear to tatters before replacing. Save them from a holey existence by gifting a luxuriously skin-soothing new wrap, like these ridiculously silky new fleece robes, complete with a cozy hood—perfect for walking incognito to the mailbox on days when you don’t feel like getting out of your pajamas.




Travel-size essentials like hand moisturizer, facial spray, hand sanitizer, tissues, lip balm, toothpaste, shaving cream, and blotting papers. Seem boring? Not when you tuck a bunch of them into a cute cosmetics case or a TSA-approved reusable 3-1-1 bag. Travel-size items are especially appreciated by frequent fliers and folks who often go straight from the office to an after-work event, or those who have long commutes. Bonus: stores like Target have terrific travel aisles and also sell cosmetic cases, so you can assemble your entire gift in about 10 minutes flat.




Pet presents. If there’s one universal truth among pet parents, it’s that they can’t get enough of spoiling their four-footed friends. Any pet lover on your list will get plenty of their own enjoyment from presenting their pal with a new leash or collar, a pet bed, or a fun toy.


Imbibables. Yes, we just coined a new word, and here’s why: there is no one—no one—in the world who doesn’t like to drink a beverage of some type. Giving the gift of drink is hardly a new concept, and even dates back to the exchange of wine during ancient Roman times. For those who don’t drink alcohol, try a small canvas storage bin stocked with gourmet tea tins, several different bags of coffee beans, gourmet hot chocolate powders and handmade marshmallows, or a mix of natural sodas.




A gift card. We’ve heard the naysaying: “It doesn’t feel personal enough!” “It looks so small!” “It’s not as fun as ripping open a box wrapped in pretty paper!” To which we say, we’ve rarely met a gift card we didn’t like. If you can find out the giftee’s favorite store and buy accordingly, that’s your sure bet. But if not, try a cool artisanal site like Scoutmob, a novelty gadgets site like ThinkGeek, or even a megastore like Amazon, the latter of which truly has something for everyone—and the chances of you hearing a complaint about one of their gift cards is about as slim as a white Christmas in Texas. Put the card in a bracelet-size gift box and wrap it up, and you’ve got a perfectly respectable present for under the tree that your recipient can still tear into with gusto.


Scoutmob Gift Card

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